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Engineering, Research and Development

ReconCraft's engineering team thrives on innovation and on never accepting a solution as "good enough."

This philosophy of agile and continuous improvement is complemented by our two-fold approach:

  • Use the most advanced engineering and design programs including Ship Constructor™, SolidWorks™, Rhino™, Maxsurf™, and others to develop components and prototypes that are most likely to succeed.
  • Aggressively test each product, implement changes, and improve until our strict requirements are exceeded.

Some of our latest achievements include:

  • A patent-pending weed & debris grate to enable water-jet propelled craft to operate in debris and vegetation. Importance: allows operators to patrol in areas that were previously inaccessible to both water-jet and propeller driven craft.
  • Modifications of existing jet tunnel designs to increase flow to the impeller and improve pump efficiency. Importance: further reduces the depth of water necessary for propulsion and increases vessel range on a finite fuel load.
  • Use of HullShield™ as ReconCraft’s hull protection system. Importance: significantly strengthens ReconCraft’s hulls and reduces friction upon contact with objects, thereby extending hull life and allowing greater access to waterways choked with debris.
  • Trade secret adherence techniques of UHMW plastic to the hull. Importance: allows a ReconCraft to slide across and over obstructions and areas with little to no water and provides reliable access to challenging waterways that would otherwise be inaccessible.