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ReconCraft Training

ReconCraft's Deployable Training Team consists of subject matter experts, many of whom are former military and law enforcement vessel operators and maintenance managers. They have a profound understanding of the necessity to maximize operational readiness, both of personnel and equipment, and will provide support to develop and maintain these critical skills and programs.

ReconCraft's training programs include:


  • Initial Vessel Acceptance
  • Vessel Familiarization

Operations: Riverine, Coastal & Offshore

  • Basic Operations & Tactics
  • Advanced Operations & Tactics
  • Logistics Planning for Remote Vessel Operations


  • Basic Deployed Maintenance
  • Advanced Deployed Maintenance
  • Routine Depot Level Maintenance
  • Advanced Depot Level Maintenance
  • Life-cycle Management

ReconCraft’s courses include training plans, training materials, and knowledge base/practical testing in English, Spanish, Thai, and Portuguese. Interpreters are provided for all non-English courses unless otherwise requested.

For training inquiries, please contact: